While there are many examples I could pull from, I have chosen John Day (1797 to 1859) who was passionate about the salvation of African people. This area of the world has been our focus for many years, particularly for Randy, Pat, and most recently Tom. Consider Day’s attitude toward his life and work.

“Sadly, for Day, his earthly time of training young men called and qualified to preach the gospel was prematurely ended by an apparent seizure while delivering a sermon on February 15, 1859, at Monrovia’s Providence Baptist Church.

Day’s missionary service ended with the clear conviction that his mission…was being successfully fulfilled. “The natives are becoming more and more enlightened, see more clearly that God controls the affairs of men, and that they are accountable to him and must appear before his righteous bar.”

This understanding gave Day the strength to go forward despite the death of two wives and several children and enduring wars between the natives and colonists. He died assured in his call, trusting in a present, all-powerful God.” (Jim Berwick, 2018)

Are we involved in missions with this assurance that God is in complete control and that we can trust Him no matter what happens and under any circumstances?

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