As we work with many different languages, people groups, and cultures, we encounter just as many ways our partners are getting training materials (books), banners, and themselves to places where the training needs to take place.

Think for a moment of the Apostle Paul. He traveled on three missionary journeys about 8,000 miles or over 12,000 kilometers. Do you know of anyone today that is making that kind of progress and impact? Paul had no motorbikes, cars, planes, or electronic equipment. Therefore, it would be difficult to find any better model than the Early Church and the Apostle Paul in the work of establishing growing and expanding churches.

Yet, there is a growing number of those who are sacrificing everything necessary to bring the gospel and God’s Word to people who have never heard and to believers and churches that need strengthening and encouragement so they can stand strong in the Gospel of Pure Grace. You and I may not be able to physically join them, but we can pray for a movement of God through their sacrificial work.

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