As our team opened the prayer time last evening, Randy referred to Psalm 67 as it contains one of the sweetest expressions of universal worship of any Scriptures.  “Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the peoples praise you!” (67:3).  This verse is repeated in verse 5 and the whole Psalm expresses a longing that […]


As we work with many different languages, people groups, and cultures, we encounter just as many ways our partners are getting training materials (books), banners, and themselves to places where the training needs to take place.


While there are many examples I could pull from, I have chosen John Day (1797 to 1859) who was passionate about the salvation of African people. This area of the world has been our focus for many years, particularly for Randy, Pat, and most recently Tom. Consider Day’s attitude toward his life and work. “Sadly, […]