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Glorificar a Dios preparándonos con líderes indígenas clave para establecer iglesias bíblicas que sean autosostenibles y se reproduzcan entre todos los grupos.


para ver grupos de personas adorando a Dios.


Desarrollar un ministerio que dependa de la autoridad y suficiencia de las Escrituras; no depende del hombre ni del dinero.


Lo que dice la gente sobre nuestro Material

Santosh Makal Church Planter
West Bengal, India

​ This training manual has been a turning point in my ministry. After getting to know and understand what God wants from me as a church planter, I now follow the plan of God. He is building His church today from district to state and from state to another country. I recommend all church planters to know the plan of God for building His church. This manual can help you discover that plan.

Ken Auer Businessman & Pastor

God has used [this manual] to change my life and given the men around me a deep root in the Scriptures. Our church is acting more like the one that the Scriptures talk about and many are blessed because of it.

Mari Daniel Church Planter, Karnataka, India

The last ten years, I studied and applied this biblical philosophy in my life and ministry. When I studied and used this manual in the ministry, I went from an educator to biblical church planter.


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